WWE 2K14 Servers Offline For ‘Intensive Maintenance’

WWE games are my main squeeze when it comes to online gaming with the latest release, WWE 2K14, my go-to online game since its release. Despite the hours of enjoyment I get from it, I spend nearly just as much time trying to work around the many issues with online functionality. Whether it’s matchmaking errors, constant de-syncing, general down-times and some truly hilarious — and sometimes scary — glitches, it goes without saying that the online mode is far from ideal.

So here I am trying to get into a session with a friend and the servers just would not budge, and if you happen to be as frustrated as I was earlier, then this official post by 2K should save you the trouble of tinkering around with your modem router.

This is what the 2K Community Manager had to say:

“Beginning this Tuesday (6/24) at 9PM PDT, WWE2K14 services will be offline for an intensive scheduled maintenance. We fully intend on bringing these services back online this coming Friday (6/27) by 4PM PDT. During this period you will not be able to access any of the online functionality of WWE2K14 and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Any and all updates will be made to this thread, so please stay tuned! Thanks!”

Hopefully this intensive maintenance will ensure smooth online sailing in the future.