A Look at Jimmy Lightning’s Peggle 2 DLC

A little over one month ago, we checked out Peggle 2‘s first DLC pack. While it did feature some suggestive imagery, it also provided tons of fun. Ten more levels and a slew of trials and challenges equaled a fun time, and the same holds true with this Jimmy Lightning-centric pack. The Peggle series is pretty much perfect for level pack DLC since you really only need more of the same to have a lot of fun and the multiple tiers of goals keep you coming back to it. If you want to just get the DLC for the ten new levels, it’s always worth it since they can be replayed with any master’s skills. Each new master within the DLC also gives you a new skill for the game’s default levels as well. Jimmy  Lightning’s stage lack any suggestive designs, but are fun to play through. I especially loved the stage that looks like the Metroid Screw Attack logo, and the heavily- diagonal designs throughout the new stages mean that your aim has to be better than any other set of levels to date. This may seem unfair, but it’s not. The lightning power-up is an interesting one as it basically shocks a series of pegs away for you, which makes the tougher stages easier to manage.


Like the last bit of DLC, the actual level pack can be beaten in an hour. But like every other stage in the game, the real challenge comes from beating the stage with all four objectives met. Clearing all of the pegs may sound easy in theory, but it’s tough in execution. You have to hope you get a few extra balls in play and have good fortune with the multi-ball pegs as well. Using the giant rock power makes this a bit easier too since you can knock out 80% of the pegs and then just chuck a big rock down and demolish the rest.

The biggest skill challenge in a regular stage is going to be hitting a certain score in one shot — sure, you can get 250,000 reasonably easily for a whole set, but can you score 75,000 in just one ball? A blend of luck and skill are needed to tackle these and that goes for the challenges as well. There, you’ll definitely be using the d-pad’s pixel-by-pixel movement in order to succeed since the requirements are just that strict. Much of this DLC feels like an expansion pack, but the music is completely different. Normally, you get revamped versions of classical music whereas this pack is full of dubstep. There are literally singers going “wub wub” and it’s fantastic. It works both as a send-up of dubstep and as an example of the genre. For $2, you can’t go wrong with this DLC.