Minecraft Nears 54 Million Copies Sold, Blocks The World Over Terrified

Minecraft isn’t a game as much as it’s an experience; a movement of players crafting elaborate constructions and intricate mechanisms. They hunt, feed, build and grow within an endless virtual environment, either solo or on a server with friends. It’s the digital embodiment of escapism, offering a limitless source of entertainment for a one-time, affordable fee.

It’s no surprise, then, that Minecraft exploded in a shockwave of pop-culture and relevancy. Everyone, even my father who hasn’t tinkered with videogames since Pong made its triumphant debut, has heard of the procedurally generated juggernaut. It’s a game that’s both addictive enough to manifest in the depths of your brain, forcing you to skip meals and neglect your children, and a casual experience that helps make public transportation a smidgen more tolerable. The fact that it’s one of the best selling games in the world isn’t very surprising.

According to a tweet by Patrick Geuder Saga, data analysis expert at Mojang, Minecraft is nearing the 54 million mark, with console versions recently surpassing the PC/Mac sales. With the game launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer, the sky is the limit.

On a personal note:

While I own multiple iterations of Minecraft across various platforms, I’ve never invested more than an hour in the game. That said, I’m a sucker for consistency, so I’ll have another version to never play soon enough. It’s not that I dislike the game, it’s just that the overwhelming nature of its mechanics stunt my exploration at every turn. I’m more of a theme-park, scripted experience kinda guy. Building something impressive is on my bucket list, though. Along with skydiving, space travel and not embarrassing myself at a buffet for once.