Madden NFL 15 – New Screenshots

Football fans sick of watching “football” rejoice!  Just in time for the real football season to begin, it’s time once again for another round of John Madden Football.  BOOM!

Madden, the pinnacle in football sports simulation (and the only option any of us have for a real NFL football game), is back again this year, as it is every year, with another boggling make-up-your-mind-already EA name change, where last year’s 25th anniversary of Madden was Madden NFL 25, we go back to the yearly format this time, with Madden NFL 15, as in 2015.  Abhorrent naming conventions aside, this year’s iteration is supposed to have a serious focus on defensive schemes and gameplay control.

Today, EA Sports has released several new jaw-dropping screenshots of what you can expect to see when the game arrives in 2 short months.  Without further adieu, here they are.

madden-nfl-15-screen-2 madden-nfl-15-screen-3 madden-nfl-15-screen-4 madden-nfl-15-screen-5 madden-nfl-15-screen-6 madden-nfl-15-screen-7 madden-nfl-15-screen-8 madden-nfl-15-screen-9 madden-nfl-15-screen-10 madden-nfl-15-screen-11 madden-nfl-15-screen-12 madden-nfl-15-screen-13 madden-nfl-15-screen-14 madden-nfl-15-screen-15 madden-nfl-15-screen-16 madden-nfl-15-screen-17 madden-nfl-15-screen-18 madden-nfl-15-screen-19 madden-nfl-15-screen-20 madden-nfl-15-screen-21 madden-nfl-15-screen-22 madden-nfl-15-screen-23 madden-nfl-15-screen-24 madden-nfl-15-screen-25 madden-nfl-15-screen-27 madden-nfl-15-screen-28

The grid iron spectacular, Madden NFL 15 will be released on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 on August 26th, 2014.