New Mega Man/Metroidvania-Style Game Called Timespinner Hits Kickstarter

Who doesn’t love a good Metroidvania game? Better yet, who doesn’t love Mega Man X? Timespinner sets out to give folks a more dramatic story within that core gameplay style. A young woman has her mother killed before her eyes, and she’s out to kill the evil Empire that did it. How? By bending time with the timespinner! It’s a giant set of gears that seems straight out of Professor Farnsworth’s inventions, and it will help you go throughout history to slay those who have done you wrong.  The Kickstarter page shows a very well-crafted game already with smooth gameplay, an excellent soundtrack, shockingly good voice acting for the genre, and a mix of long and short-range attacks. The long range stuff involves your usual buster-style weapon, while the shorter-range weapon is a GIGANTIC SWORD. Cloud Strife would be envious of this thing.

It’s really hard to go wrong with a Mega Man X-style game and the video clip shows that this particular aspect is already solid. There’s very little shown of the Metroidvania aspects just yet, but having played Monster Tale on the DS, I can tell you that Mega Man-style gameplay blends with that genre very well. The Metroid-style gameplay on display was limited to freezing time to use enemies as platforms – much like how the freeze beam would allow you to jump on foes in the Metroid series.

The team behind Timespinner has an impressive resume, and the backing rewards are nice and reasonable. While the $10 early bird special for the game — your name in the credits, a skin, and and a PDF manual –is gone, all of that content can still be yours for $15. $25 gets you all of that and the OST in both final and early access forms, an exclusive weapon, and access to the developer forum to provide feeedback. $40 gets you a beta, while $60 gets you a PS1-style physical copy, and $100 gets you all of the prior tiers and a T-shirt and sticker set.

In only one day, the project has almost reached the halfway mark, so it’s pretty clear that it will be funded. Hopefully, it greatly exceeds its needs, although the lack of any console rewards as stretch goals presently is a bit disappointing. Hopefully, those get added in down the line, as this would be a blast to play on a last-gen or current-gen system.