Nintendo AGM: Mario Kart sells 2 million units, Iwata re-elected

Nintendo held it’s 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today (AGM), and during the meeting two major points of interest were mentioned.  The first announcement was that Mario Kart 8 has reached 2 million units sold worldwide in less than a month, as it continues to top the WiiU sales charts since its opening weekend when it sold 1.2 million units to make it the fastest and highest selling WiiU game to date.  The exact breakdown of how many of these came from new WiiU owners will be announced when Nintendo releases its quarterly financial results on July 30th, but Nintendo has reported system sales quadrupled the week following the release of the game.

The other point of interest, which may have come as a surprise to some given the current state of the company, is that investors re-elected company president Satoru Iwata despite major drops in his approval rating and the company’s financial woes.  Eight other directors were re-elected as well, and a new Outside Director was elected, with that title going to Outside Auditor Naoki Mizutani.

You may recall that Iwata was not going to be in attendance at the AGM this year, as he is currently recovering from major surgery to deal with a major growth in his bile duct last week.  Reports are that he went through the procedure successfully and it will take a little more time before he returns to his normal hardworking self.  We wish president Iwata a speedy recovery, and congratulate both him and Nintendo on their recent success with Mario Kart 8.