OUYA Teams Up With Reading Rainbow to Offer Up LE System to Backers

On June 27, four of the top five Kickstarters in history stepped up to help support Reading Rainbow. Pebble, Pono, Veronica Mars: The Movie, and OUYA all decided to offer up limited edition rewards for the project. The folks behind the Pebble Smartwatch will adopt a classroom at the $140 level, and get a laser-etched signature on the Pebbles that will now have an 8-Bit LeVar Burton face on them!  OUYA is going to offering up something special for $250 backers. You get a specially-colored blue and white system with LeVar’s signature on the front, and anyone who spends $5,000 will get an OUYA donated in the adopt a school tier. These signature items won’t be laser-signed, they’ll be hand-signed by LeVar and limited to 500 as a result. If you just want to donate an OUYA to a classroom of your choice, you can do so for only $150. If the project reaches $5 million dollars, which it’s within $750,000 of doing, the Reading Rainbow app will be released on the OUYA. This is an awesome thing for all of these companies to do, and a great way for them to pay forward the success they achieved with Kickstarter to provide some good for people over the long haul.