Steam Summer Sale Day 10 Deals Announced – Wolfenstein: New Order Goes to $30

Steam‘s tenth day of savings is upon us, and it’s a fairly typical lot of deals one with major exception.

  • Portal 2 – $4.99
  • Goat Simulator – $5.99
  • Baldur’s Gate II – $6.24
  • Football Manager 2014 – $12.49
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order – $29.99
  • Garry’s Mod – $2.49
  • Shadowrun Returns – $3.74
  • Thief – $14.99
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – $4.99

As you can see, everything on sale with one major exception has either been a regular sale game before or has become one in recent ones. Getting Thief for $15 is hardly a bad deal, but its 50% off savings will surely be steeper fairly soon. However, I doubt you’ll find Wolfenstein: The New Order lower than $30 for quite a while.

The flash sale listing is okay, but not too amazing outside of one deal.

  • Among the Sleep – $16.99
  • Broken Age – $8.49
  • Max Payne 3 – $4.99
  • Watch Dogs – $47.99

Max Payne 3 at $5 is an absolute must-buy, as is Broken Age at $8.49. As someone who isn’t usually into point and click games, it won me over with its amazing writing and hilarious voice acting. Watch Dogs at $48 isn’t a terrible deal since it’s a new AAA title, but it also feels like a game that’s going to be $30 sooner rather than later. As the Steam sale winds down, it’s clear that we’re not going to be getting many amazing values for new stuff and the best thing to do is expect sales on things that are frequently on sale until this sale period runs out. That’s hardly the worst thing in the world though, and not browsing the sale pages all day allows you to actually play the stuff you picked up during the sale.