Upcoming Vita Exclusive ‘Freedom Wars’ Gets a New Trailer

SCE Japan, the main developer behind Freedom Wars, perhaps 2014’s biggest PlayStation Vita game, has released some new information on the game’s intriguing story. Though the game was released in Japan on June 26th, it largely remains a mystery to North American Vita owners. The Vita-exclusive action-RPG received a new subtitled trailer that sheds light on the central plotline of the game: the main characters’ one million year prison sentence.

Not only will players have to fight a series of horrifying monsters in order to pay for the sin of “living,” but they will have to save other characters from these gigantic foes. This adds both layers of morality and strategy to the gameplay and narrative, as Freedom Wars appears to be much more than a simple button-masher. The collaboration between SCE Japan, Shift (the game design studio), and Dimps (the programming, graphics, and design studio) has allowed the game to become an incredibly deep experience, one that is already extremely popular in Japan.

The co-op heavy Freedom Wars will launch in North America in the latter part of 2014.