Denny’s And Atari Combine Forces On Three Bizarre Titles

When I think about Denny’s, I picture fat people scurrying in and out of a bathroom, double dipping pancake bites in warm syrup and scrambled eggs topped with enough cheese to warrant a warning from the health department. I definitely don’t picture Atari games featuring breakfast foods. Well, until now.

In a bizarre partnership, Denny’s and Atari combined forces to release three titles: Hashteroids, Take-Out and Centipup. The games are loosely (and not so loosely) based on the Atari classics: Asteroids, Breakout and Centipede. It seems Denny’s, the drunkards primary food source, is investing in its future.

In Hashteroids, players will command the SS Denny’s Condiment Transport ship and deliver 40 tons of condiments to the 4th planet in sector 7d. Or, you know, shift a pixelated blob through a black-screen of pixelated blobs. Take-Out, on the other hand, has players breaking walls of breakfast foods that are blocking customers from receiving their — you guessed it — take-out orders, and Centipup is all about manipulating a syrup bottle that turns stuff into a fried egg because why the hell not?

The games can all be played free-of-charge on Denny’s mobile app, which I’ll assume everyone has downloaded because we live in a world where Denny’s licenses Atari videogames.

My take:

Denny’s is clearly a very future-invested company. After all, their blog reads like an adventurous teens journey through breakfast (and it’s glorious). This could very well be the start of a new trend, in which companies big and small use mobile gaming as a form of promotion. That said, I can also picture disastrous dress-up games and poor Cooking Mama clones, so it all depends on whether said companies are as dedicated to their customers as Denny’s seems to be.

Whether Denny’s is taking a step in the right direction or bringing on the downfall of greasy food-chain marketing is up for debate, but the games themselves are pretty fun. Now, to satisfy my hankering for pancakes. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this combo in the comments below.