NBC Sports Anchor Trashes Madden Franchise on National TV

Although Madden is one of gaming’s longest-running and most plentiful franchises, it’s no secret that not everybody is a fan. While millions of fans line up at midnight every year to get their hands on the next installment of the only pro football game in town, it seems that there’s been detractors denouncing it for just as long. Many of the arguments tend to boil down to the same issue: the game doesn’t change enough to warrant its frequency. While we’ve seen these arguments pop up from time to time online, never before has it been the subject of a six minute rant on national television, but that’s exactly what Mike Florio did on NBC Sports.

And we’re not saying “rant” lightly — Florio absolutely trashes the game. “The Madden game sucks and it has sucked for a long time. I don’t like it, don’t play it, don’t buy it,” said Florio. “Who cares who’s on the cover? You’re going to buy the game and sit there and look at the cover? ‘Oh look I have this plastic box and it has a picture of my favorite football player’ — who cares? What I care about is what’s in the box, and what’s been in the box the past ten years sucks”

And he’s not just somebody hates video game football either, as he goes onto praise NFL 2K: “The 2K5 Series back on Xbox and PlayStation 2 — whatever the prevailing systems were at the time — that was a great game and that was the first shot in what was a real war between 2K5 and Madden football, especially because 2K5 game was 1995 and you could make the argument that that game is better than any game EA has put out even in the ten years since then.” Of course, 2K5 came out in 2004, but we’ll chock that one up to being in the heat of the moment.

“The problem is that EA dealt with it instead of coming out with a better product or instead of being more competitive in the price point, then went to the NFL and realized ‘you know what if we buy the exclusive ability to use the NFL team names and logos and player names, offer them a ton of money, we kill the competition that way. We can’t make a better product or we’re not going to try to make a better product, we concede that the 2K series was the better product, so we just killed them,” said Florio.

There’s plenty of more Madden slamming in the segment, which can be seen below.

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