Ouya All-Access Passes Sell Out in Just One Day

Announced here just yesterday, the Kickstarter darling Ouya’s new All-Access Pass plan has already completely sold out.  While we’re not entirely sure how many plans they had to offer to begin with, it seems clear they were overwhelmed by sign-ups for the plan.

The plan would give those who own an Ouya the chance to play all of the Ouya’s library (of over 800 games) for just $60 dollars a year.  While this plan did not cover in-app purchases, it did cover the cost of all full game unlocks and level packs available on the Ouya Marketplace, and it is more than clear, that this was absolutely the right price point for the Ouya to have given the pass, as shown by how quickly it sold out.

As of this writing, it is yet to be seen if more All-Access Passes will be released. If anything, this does help Ouya prove one thing: showing the world that people still have interest in this tiny console after all.  This All-Access Pass almost makes me want to break mine out of storage and fire it up, and I just may if they release more passes down the line.