Gone Home Physical Special Edition Available Now

Gone Home launched last year to very divisive opinions. Some adored the exploratory adventure game and its method of storytelling while others found it droll. If you fall into the first camp then this news should excite you.

The Fullbright Company have unleashed a boxed copy of the game onto the world! Previously, Gone Home could only be purchased as a digital download. This special edition is packed with goodies including the following:

  • Gone Home DRM-free on DVD and Steam key
  • 40 page “Designer Notebook”
  • Poster of “GRRRL JUSTICE NOW” zine
  • Official soundrack and audio diaries in MP3 format
  • Cassette tape sticker

All in all, it’s a pretty packed special edition. You can buy Gone Home in physical form now for $29.99 off the TopatoCo website.