Bayonetta 2 Multiplayer to Feature Several Characters

Platinum Games’ follow-up to the infamous cult-classic Bayonetta is just around the corner. With an October release date, we’re beginning to close in on the final stretch of Bayo 2, and as such, more and more details are surfacing. Amidst all of that information is some news on the under-focused multiplayer component of the title. Thus far we’ve known that players will be able to use Bayonetta and Jeanne in some tag team action; in fact, we assumed those would be our only choices. But, you know what they say about assuming…

Hence today’s news is exciting. On the game’s European microsite Platinum revealed that there will be more than just those two stock characters to tool around with in the multiplayer mode entitled “Infinite Tag Climax”. They did not reveal who that entails exactly, nor did they mention how it will be written in for narrative purposes, but they did report the following:

“Choose from a range of powerful characters, and give angels and demons a beating that’s as brutal as it is beautiful.”

So let the speculation begin. We have our ideas and preferred picks, but we want to hear yours; sound off in the comments section to let us know!