EA Charging $4.99 for Demos on Xbox One

Have you ever looked at a game and thought “Boy, I’d sure love to try that game before I buy it, but I still want to pay my dues.” Well thanks to EA, now you can! The demo for FIFA 14 and EA Sports UFC are currently $4.99 on Xbox One. That’s right — they’re charging for demos. Now, the demos for these games were originally free, which makes this situation quite odd. While it could easily be a simple pricing error, it does seem questionable for a pricing error to occur on something that doesn’t usually have a price — let alone two separate ones. Especially given that the price tag is $4.99 and not $59.99 or something less random.

Hopefully this ends up being a holiday weekend pricing error and not a new trend. We’ll follow the story and update you as applicable.

Here’s screenshots of the Xbox Marketplace reflecting the pricing structure:


[UPDATE 7/4 11:30 AM PST] Both the UFC Sports and FIFA 14 demos have again reverted to being free on the Xbox One Marketplace.