Humble Eye Candy Bundle Released

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all gotten a bit numb on game savings over the past week. We’ve seen the same stuff on sale seemingly endlessly, but this latest Humble Bundle changes that. The Eye Candy bundle lets you pay what you want for 140, KAMI, and Ballpoint Universe – Infinite.  This gets you a beautiful puzzler in KAMI, a stunning platformer in Ballpoint Universe – Infinite, and an odd symmetrical-themed platformer in 140 for as little as $1. KAMI also comes with an Android APK.  Paying more than the average of $5.03 gets you Secrets of Raetikon, its artbook and OST, Antichamber, and Cinders along with its OST. Paying more than $12 gets you all of those, plus Mercenary Kings and its OST. While Mercenary Kings wasn’t to my liking, being able to get Antichamber and Secrets of Raetikon for around $5 makes this a no-brainer at that level.