Second Oculus Rift Development Kit In High Demand

It’s not surprising that the original Oculus Rift development kit (DK1) has sold over 60,000 units to date. Despite its restricted usability and frustrating limitations, it was a revolutionary step in the right direction for virtual reality, opening doors to unique gaming opportunities.

The second Oculus dev kit, which I was able to tinker with at E3 this year, has been improved considerably in all facets. Head tracking has been overhauled, motion blur reduced to near nothing, and it now comes in a smaller, more comfortable size. There’s a lot to love, and it’s certainly a more accommodating introduction to the world of VR.

Like its previous iteration, the second dev kit (DK2) has been showcasing impressive sales via pre-orders, with around 45,000 units sold. Most exciting, perhaps, is that while the DK2 won’t quite represent the quality of the final build, it’s “good enough for developers to make content that will be compatible with the consumer version,” according to CEO Brendan Iribe.

While it’s still quite difficult to gauge public interest, it’s safe to say that virtual reality is no longer a passing trend. Will you be jumping aboard the VR train once it’s available to consumers? Let us know in the comments below.