Cliffy B’s New Studio Looks to be Named ‘Boss Key Productions,’ Official Website Launches

We were excited to hear the news that Cliffy B was coming out of retirement (we’ve assumed he’s been playing golf and living in Florida) to once again produce games. The Epic Games wunderkind left his position to take a break to regroup with a different outlook on the industry and now it looks like he’s doing just that. A website has just launched for a company called “Boss Key Productions.” This is notable as has Cliffy B incorporated a company by the same name and follows it on Twitter.

The website is fairly empty at the moment — sans a logo — and had a form to enter your e-mail address for updates. Notable, however, is a Twitter link at the bottom to “Blue Streak,” likely the title of his next game.

Cliffy B is set to reveal his new project on July 8, so we won’t have to wait long to find out all the details.