Sledgehammer Vows to Be Honest About Advanced Warfare’s Xbox One Visuals

Today’s most bizarrely obvious news comes from Sledgehammer Games, who vowed to never mislead fans about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s resolution. One would hope that developers would never intentionally be dishonest about any part of their games, thus making public statements on the matter somewhat odd. One of Sledgehammer’s co-founders, Michael Condrey, let the world know through an OXM interview that his studio is on the correct side of the moral spectrum:

We’ve always had a commitment to delivering at target spec. We’re not a studio that’s just going to go out and show off some flash in the pan, high-end PC demo that we’re never going to be able to put on a consoleWe worked very closely with Microsoft throughout the whole three years to understand where they were going and stay right in parallel. As [co-founder Glen Schofield] said, nothing’s effortless, but Microsoft was a great partner to Call of Duty.

While it is great to hear that the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare E3 demo was indeed running natively on an Xbox One, this statement does bring up a few questions: Is Sledgehammer covering their tracks? Should we not believe that the demo was not running on an Xbox One? Will Advanced Warfare see a sub-1080p Xbox One release?