Destiny Beta Trailer Released Along With Xbox Release Date and Full Beta Calendar

“Happy Bungie Day” was the first line in the article published by Bungie on their website today. A good day it is! Today, Bungie released the trailer for the Beta and all the details players have been asking about for the last few weeks. Many have gone through withdrawal since the Destiny Alpha was snatched from the Playstation Network. Thank the Guardians that the Beta is only 10 days away.

The Beta will be available for PlayStation players on 17 July. Xbox Players will receive the beta on 23 July. The collectors editions of Destiny were detailed as well. There is a Ghost Edition, Collectors Edition Digital Content and a Digital Guardian Edition. You can read all about the different collectors options and what’s included here. Below you can find the new trailer for the beta and all the details you will need on the Beta can be found here.