Retailers List Beyond: Two Souls For Release On PS4

Quantic Dream and Sony’s supernatural interactive drama could be getting a remaster treatment for PS4. German retailers Alcom and World of Games have listed a remastered version of the game available for PS4 sometime this fall (which has now been taken down).  While this should be taken as a rumor, the chance of a remaster is more than plausible.  Earlier this year NeoGAF user dragonbane found input code for the PS4’s Dualshock 4 controller inside the portfolio of a programmer.  The portfolio was taken down the next day.  We also know that Quantic Dream has been working with the PS4 for a couple of years, though they have not announced any official projects.

Sony is remastering The Last of Us with the reasoning that many new PS4 owners never got the opportunity to experience the original version.  It’s possible that they might use this reasoning to justify remastering Beyond: Two Souls which launched on PS4 in October last year.  If this comes to pass, we’ll most likely hear about it at Gamescom this August.