Alien: Isolation Offers Ellen Ripley Missions as Pre-Order Bonus

The upcoming survival horror game Alien: Isolation knows what a pre-order bonus should be. The day-one DLC won’t offer extra skins, and it certainly won’t be $9.99 for a few extra maps. People who pre-order the game before its Oct. 7 release date will get to play as Ellen Ripley, reportedly voiced by Sigourney Weaver, in a mission straight out of the movie.

Alien: Isolation confirmed through their website that all the cast members of the original crew will reprise their roles for the bonus mission, which will pick up right after the death of Brett, voiced by Harry Dean Stanton.

The game takes place 15-years after the events of the 1979 film “Alien,” where you play as Amanda Ripley, the action-hero’s daughter. But pre-order, and you’ll be right back aboard the Nostromo and can take a path not seen in the film.

The last few days, Alien: Isolation hinted at a big reveal today, tweeting a video and a picture with three words: “Timed Onion Roots,” an anagram for “Nostromo Edition,” which is the title for the DLC.

What is already one of the most anticipated horror games in the coming years just became a must-grab for fans of the series (especially those who wanted to die after playing Colonial Marines).