Tengami Goes Gold for the Wii U

Tengami is a 2D adventure game which resembles a pop-up storybook and first launched on the iOS back in February, 2014. The creative studio behind this cool little game, Nyamyam, has just confirmed that the Wii U version is now 100% complete and is awaiting certification before it launches on the Wii U eShop.

This is what the developers had to say:

The version (Wii U) is finished (yay!!!) and we are preparing to go into Lotcheck, Nintendo‚Äôs certification process that is required for all games before they are allowed to go on sale. Before that can happen we have to get age ratings for Tengami though. The game is with the various rating organizations around the globe and it is really just a matter of waiting now. The process can take up 3 weeks and there is unfortunately not much we can do to speed it up.”

Tengami looks to be a surreal adventure which will invoke feelings of mystique and solitude, it’s primarily a puzzle-driven adventure and it certainly will be a nice fit for the Wii U and its Game Pad. The game has been green-lit by Nintendo, and it’s just a matter of a bit of paperwork before it launches. In addition to this, the game has also been green-lit for Steam.

You can check out its official eShop trailer below and also visit the official developer blog for more updates.