GameStop’s Involvement In Game Development Won’t Be Creative

When we reported that GameStop had an interest in the game development process, consumers were outraged. After all, nobody wants corporate money-grubs clouding creative outlets, and it doesn’t get much greedier than forced exclusivity. It seems as though GameStop CEO Paul Raines is fully aware of the backlash, however, and in a discussion with Time made some much needed clarifications.

“You won’t see us involved in the creative process. That’s not something we do well. We love to play games, and unlike our competitors all we do is gaming. But we will not be involved in the artistic or creative process — so all we’re talking about is extending that capital and distribution skill-set into the console publishing and development space.”

Unfortunately, GameStop’s CEO opening up about the company’s plans is a resounding confirmation that we’ll be seeing more developer exclusives this generation. Don’t fret, though. It’s all for the customer, right?