Neversoft’s Last Day Commemorated By Destruction, Fire and Knives

If you’re going to go out, you might as well go out with a bang — or in this case, a fire. That’s exactly what Neversoft did today on its last day as a studio. Developer Matt Canale tweeted the following picture of a statue of their memorable company logo — an eyeball impaled by a spear — burning:


Evidently, the statue was also used as target practice, as evidenced by the arrows sticking out of it.

To commemorate the occasion on a less destructive level (at least we hope so), emblazoned knives were also handed out:

In many ways, it’s like seeing the end of an era, what with the impaled eyeball being synonymous with our early Tony Hawk experiences. Thankfully, however, Neversoft is not totally closing down and will be merged into Infinity Ward.