White PS4 Will Be Sold Without Destiny

The Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle sent shock waves around the gaming community for a number of reasons. First and foremost: sweet baby deity of your choosing, that thing looks about as sleek as it gets. The announcement of a special Destiny PS4 bundle also adds a bit of fuel onto the ever-growing “Bungie is disrespecting Xbox owners” fire. Thankfully, the white PlayStation 4 will eventually be sold on its own (at least in Europe), meaning that this is not a Destiny-exclusive SKU. Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the white PS4 would be a permanent European SKU in an interview with French website Game One:

It currently remains to be seen whether the white PlayStation 4 will make its way over to North America. judging by how long it took for the announcement of blue DualShock 4’s stateside availability (it will be available this Fall), it could take a fair amount of time before North American gamers can marvel at the new SKU’s shininess.