Final Fantasy Explorers To Launch this Winter, New Trailer and Music Track Released

Early this morning, the Big N held their latest Japan-centric Nintendo Direct. In that presentation, they focused solely on third party development and upcoming games — some announced, others not. Final Fantasy Explorers, a title we’ve been keeping a close eye on since its announcement during E3 week, was one of the games highlighted in the video. During its segment, we not only received a release window, but a new trailer that emphasized the infamous summons — Ifrit and Shiva being just two that were shown off in the montage.

Nevertheless, Square Enix, after weeks of pretty consistently doling out details, revealed that the game will launch sometime this Winter in Japan. Although they have not mentioned a North American release, it would be unwise, or perhaps just downright ignorant, to think it won’t make its way to the West sometime thereafter. Still, we’ve got the trailer from this morning; so be sure to check it out below.

You can also scope the second video right below it, which is the revealed field music theme that will play while players are traveling from location to location. It’s surprisingly haunting for such a track, whereas many, if not most, Final Fantasy field music compositions are upbeat and verbose. Could be indicative of the direction Square plans to take with Explorers overall.