NISA Adds Decreased Price Shipping Options to Europe Online Store

While at first it seemed like something to be celebrated, NISA’s attempts to make their limited editions more widely available outside of North America have been widely criticized. Instead of making the editions available in the Europe store for the same approximate price as they cost in US currency, prices were set in GBP that made them cost substantially more then they would from the U.S. via conversion rates. Although NISA said stated they were aware of the problem and were looking into how to improve, it seemed they had no intention of implementing any major pricing changes.

In their first attempted improvement, the company announced today that they’ve added secondary shipping rates for their products, lowering overall prices so long as consumers don’t mind the lesser service. In most areas, the shipping drops about £5 pounds if “Standard Delivery” is selected, although some countries see more major decreases such as Greece which drops nearly £20 from Standard Delivery.

Is this enough to win you back as a customer? Sound off below!