DmC: Devil May Cry Ultimate Coming to PS4, Xbox One?

DmC: Devil May Cry was one of the most criminally underrated (although not critically) games of last gen, so due to negative fan reception and middling sales, it seemed unclear if we’d ever see more of Ninja Theory’s interpretation of the hit series. According to Russian retailer, however, it seems the game might be receiving a remake. “DmC: Devil May Cry Ultimate” game has been listed for pre-order for PS4 and Xbox One.

Additionally, cover art is included in the listings:

It should be noted that this is the same retailer that listed Resident Evil: Revelations 2 earlier today and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag before launch, and with Gamescom right around the corner, it’s certainly possible that there’s validity behind the listing.

  • Aiddon

    why in the world would they do that? The game bombed commercially, making its existence a complete failure. Plus it just wasn’t received well by the community. This would just be a waste of time and money.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Ummm no it didn’t “bomb” genius anyone who didn’t have their head stuck up their rectum played it and realized it was actually good and a heall of a lot better than DMC4….

      Hate to break it to you skippy but having access at all times to all weapons unlike DMC3 and 4 can actually get you better combos that don’t look like your having a seizure

      • Yugo19

        Wow they tricked you very well. DMC4 gave you access to all weapons as well. DMC3 allowed you to choose a combination of two melee weapons and two guns and the list of weapons that you had in that game was way larger than on DmC and DMC3 had a larger move list as well. You probably never even played the original games so your opinion doesn’t even matter anyway.

        • bettergetdave

          I really really loved this game. Not just from the series but just as a stand alone game it was amazing. I think I would buy it again probably since there is not a lot else to play on current gen.

        • Viko Rubin

          DMC 4 was garbage compared to Ninja Theory’s remake!!

          • IamIchigoKurosaki

            Lol, DMC 4 was garbage compared to, I’ can’t even finish that statement cause I’m laughing to hard. Lol, dude, all I’m going to say are these two things, uh yeah, I have a bridge that I want to sell to you and in general, their version of Vergil aside from Dante, wait for it, GAY. Oh wait, sorry, Ultimate GAY.

        • Ciobotaru Radu

          For anyone saying that this is garbage keep in mind we see a younger version of dante hell mabe if they made another game they will make him look like the old one , secondly stop being fanboys Dmc 3 had terrible controls and 4 was outright boring compared to any of the series . The combat in the game is more fluid weapons look cooler and he be honest the scenery in dmc 5 was off the charts and so were the boss battles.

          • Mastersword130

            You have no idea about the lore in Devil May Cry do you? Devil May Cry 3 Dante was much younger than then Donte in DmC. In DMC3 he was about 18-22 while it was confirmed that Donte is 28 by Ninja Theory.

            Don’t get mad at us because you couldn’t handle the controls or combos in 3 and 4 and you preferred the simple mechanics of DmC, just go play another title from Ninja Theory and leave the people who actually enjoyed DMC3 and 4 to what they really want.

            Weapons looked cooler? No, the guns themselves were badly designed compared to the original Ebony and Ivory, I know you’re not a devil may cry fan. You just like Ninja Theory games which you should just check out enslaved, heavenly sword and Demons Blade that is going to come out.

            We want a real Devil May Cry game and not DmC.

      • Maximillian Atissimo

        People like this exist.

      • Ledvogs

        You have to be a troll. No one in their right mind can think DmC can hold a candle to the combat in DMC3, let alone DMC4.

        • Viko Rubin

          Lots of people do!!

      • IamIchigoKurosaki

        You my friend, are an idiot. With a response like that(everything you said after “a hell of a lot better than DMC4”), to entertain in kind even in only using the smallest portion of anyones brain would be a waste of brain cells. Idiot asks why and within that, exhibit A.

    • Kevin Toretto

      Exactly, it did bomb. They are trying to make their cash back.

    • Danny Emerson

      People were only bitching coz of the redesign of Dante but if you actually remained faithful and played it you’d havevreali the game was one of the best

      • Aiddon

        though anyone with a brain knows that’s a lie; the game was just a shallow, mediocre hack and slash that couldn’t even compare to the bars set by DMC3 and 4. When there are far better games like the aforementioned DMCs, Ninja Gaiden, God of War, Metal Gear Rising, etc then NT’s halfbaked product couldn’t really justify its existence. There is no point in wasting time with mediocrity.

  • Kamille

    worst game ever. Just let it die.

    • Ice

      Just don’t buy it.

      • The-Master

        Don’t buy this ass swipe of a game.
        Let it Die.

        • Now I’ll buy it just to irk you further. Plus it was actually a pretty good title to begin with.

          • Kevin Toretto

            It’s a good 6.5/10. Would play again but nothing to write home about save for the excellent presentation, art, and level design. Actual combat is bull for an action game.

          • The-Master

            Do whatever you want. Waste your money if you want.
            I’m not the one loosing on this one pal.

          • Sharknado the game surely can’t be any worse than some games based off of licenses I actually do care about. Namely Aliens: Colonial Marines.

            There’s a Sharknado sequel coming too. Which the Dredd fan inside of me is rather bitter about.

          • adam mckee

            You gotta be joking right. A sharknado game? That doesn’t sound true. If it is, meh.

          • nigjtmare55555

            Think of it like this, if the original DMC was actually made into a Resident Evil game like it was supposed to be, then DmC were to have been made into a standalone game, it would be one of the best selling action games out there. The ONLY reason it flopped was because of Ninja Theory changing Dante and rebooting the series. Other than that, the gameplay was tight, responsive, and original with the Angel/Demon hook thingy, it was fun. The story could have been better, and Virgil could’ve been designed better.

          • AtrusHB

            No wonder you call yourself the Gaming Alcoholic. Only a drunk fool would think annoying a random nobody on the internet is worth wasting $60.

          • Thank you for your invaluable insight. I shall take that under advisement.

        • Injustice

          They are making remake of a remake?

          • The-Master

            A remake of a reboot.

      • AtrusHB

        And yet when DmC ended up selling even less than DMC2, the same people who said “Just don’t buy it” blasted people for not buying it.

        Funny how that works out.

    • bigevilworldwide

      The hell it is, just don’t buy it moron…It’s in reality a damn good game, the only people who still hate it are you idiots still butt hurt about Dante

      • The-Master

        It’s not just Dante, it’s Vergil, all the other characters, the music, the game play mechanic, the story, the everything about this game is total bullshit.
        It’s not a Devil May Cry game. If they wanted to make this abomination, ok, but don’t call it something that’s it’s not.

        Tomb Raider made a great reboot. Devs should take note on Tomb Raider how to make a successful reboot.
        Devs should also take note at everything DMC did and do the complete opposite, because this is how you ruin gaming franchises forever.

        • Porcu Peth

          everything about DmC was better than all previous DMC games.

          • Kevin Toretto

            Hahahaha, I love a good jokester.

          • Ether101

            Only if your a racist prick that hates Japan like the developers do.

          • Porcu Peth

            you’re the only who sounds like a racist here

          • Ether101

            How, the people that made DmC actually made racist remarks about how they’re version is better because it was Westerners and not the Japanese. They did it on more then one occasion too so it wasn’t just a slip up of some kind.

          • The-Master

            The awesome Devil May Cry series up to 4 were made in Japan.
            DMC was made in Europe.

          • The-Master

            Where did you saw that review?

        • vincent

          DMC is not the best but a solid game imo. The mechanics and story and practically eveything else were pretty solid. I am unsure if you know this or not, but it is a new game in the existing franchise, with a new direction intended for it and future installments.

          Most people hark on the looks of both “Dante, Virgil”, but I say get over it man. It sounds like from above you went into this game wanting to hate it, and never really got around to giving it a shot.

          As for Tomb Raider, fantastic installment, and they changed everything about it to make it a one of a kind uncharted…err…I mean, reboot. So come down from your high horse, or stay there with your older installments, you rebel, you.

          • Kevin Toretto

            “with a new direction intended for it and future installments.” actually they said if people want it enough for DMC5 they may go back to… well, the old one and that DmC didn’t have to necessarily replace it (as in both could co-exist). Seeing as DmC was the lowest selling entry since 2 (an abomination they tried to bury) I wouldn’t expect it back and this re-release is to gain back some of the profit they lost.

          • The_Hero

            “I wouldn’t expect it back and this re-release is to gain back some of the profit they lost.”
            How? By manufacturing it again so that it won’t sell yet again?

          • Ether101

            The story is full of plot holes and is horrible. The angles that are supposed to be in confict with the demons never show up and Mundus had multiple chances to kill Dante as he knew where he was at all times to the point that he even had him being torture in prison for months before the game began. The game mechanics are stolen form other entries in the series and are handled better in those games.

        • Mike Kopchak

          Whats wrong with the deathcore genre?

      • Kevin Toretto

        I love the new Dante design, actually all of the art and level design are bangerang. I hate the new writers, the new mechanics are built so a blind child with down syndrome can SS rank the game easily, it’s broken to the point where glitches can be exploited to high heck and back, it’s completely one-note and narratively nothing makes a lick of sense it just throws a lot of F-bombs and hopes people like you will love it. Not that the old ones were Oscar winning material, but they were cheesy on purpose where as this one was actually trying… and failing… miserably.

    • Porcu Peth

      one of the best games ever actually.

      • Kevin Toretto


      • Ledvogs

        But how can that be when DMC3/4 are better than it in every way?

        • Porcu Peth

          no they’re not

          • Ledvogs

            You’ve got shit taste, man. Have you even played DMC3 or 4?

          • Porcu Peth

            played all of them and DmC was the best

          • Ledvogs

            Holy shit, how can your taste be that awful? Are you that bad at video games that you have to have the game hold your hand or something? Because not only is DmC shallow, it’s stupid easy, even on DMD.

            Next you’re going to say something dumb like God of War is better than Bayonetta.

  • Nick Ruozzi

    is that a remake of the latest one?

  • Agent HUNK

    will it have all the dlc included ???

  • Agent HUNK

    it would be super ultimate if it also included 1-4 in 1080p 60fps….id pay $80 dollars for that!

    • Daggerfall

      1-4 are on 1080p 60FPS on ps3/360. heck 1-3 are 60FPS on ps2.

  • Generation Rehash continues.

    Good to know I wasted money on a console that has nothing to offer but gimped multi-platform titles and loads of shit I’ve already played on my 360. Hooray!

    • bettergetdave

      I hear you there is a lot of re-releases…but I feel for the console makers and the devs. There is a lot of pressure to get out early selling your console to stay alive and then you have to put so much money into R&D and hope a timely great game is released. It is a cut throat business.

      • No doubt. You definitely make some valid points. I’ve just never seen a generation start out where so much is hinged on redux versions of older titles. Most of them good titles mind you, and great for those who missed them, it just rubs me the wrong way a little.

        I guarantee you I’d shut up about it if FROM Software announced some sort of remake of Chromehounds. I’d never say another ill word. That’s just me though.

    • xX_Zephi_Killa_Xx

      360? Opinion invalidated. Come back when you play on actual consoles.

      • Kevin Toretto

        Well, considering I owned a PS3/Wii/360 and now own a PS4/Wii U/Xbox One, I can assure you, the ****ing PS4 and Xbox One are wastes of plastic right now.

      • Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg

        Come back with actual opinions that aren’t sopping wet with rabid fanboyism.

        It is, in fact, possible to enjoy more than one platform. You won’t spontaneously combust if you play on more than one brand of console.

      • Ah, you’re one those types. I fail to see the difference. Both play games, either digitally or on disc, both use controllers, both exist in a physical plane.

        So, what am I missing here? Besides another anonymous tough guy account with one comment?

  • The-Master

    Anyone that likes this game, truly wish despair and has deep profound hatred against Capcom. They really want them to go bankrupt.

  • Kenny

    I hope not this is the trend, to milk old franchises with updated graphics instead of new IP`s! First The Last Of Us now this, DmC was crap first time around so why repeat it? So far i`m dusting my PS4, i barely play it because of very few games out for the system. People want new games and original games for their system, they don`t want to buy their PS3 library a second time!

  • RunningWhiteGuy

    Awesome game, but I already own the superior PC version, so I don’t need this rerelease.

  • PC Elitist

    This is why god crated PC gaming, so you don’t get fucked in the ass ever “new gen” of consoles just to play your fav. game. Pay twice for same game just for resolution bump and 2 bonus costumes? Thats insane peasantry, and you support that?

    • Jason Mounce

      Well, to be fair. The -Upgrade- to new-gen quality is fair-game when it comes to GOOD games that were maybe PS1/PS2 generation where, just like old 1990 games on PC being the equivalent – Like Doom 1/2 or Half-Life 1, whatever you do to those games, it’ll always look poop cause they either age well with time, or can’t help it because they’re classics. There are so many old PC games I can’t even play anymore, even with Dosbox. I can’t enjoy Mechwarrior 2 or 3 or Witchhaven especially.

      Same to PS1/PS2 games, having them Remade in 1080/60fps or – with a HD Texture remake or being remade from scratch – just like Black Mesa Source – THESE are OKAY. Hell, Black Mesa Source was a free mod too. Though you can’t act like Old PC games never get overhauls or remakes of old games. Many PC Classics were done in HD too, RTS games? FPS games? so-on-so-forth has been done on PC. This is an issue for all platforms, not simply Consoles.

      Shadow of the Colossus HD? FAIR GAME! It was a good game and it was a great masterpiece. DMC….? rofl. It’s a garbage game trying to do a cashgrab for graphic-wh*res. This shouldn’t be a stab at console gamers but rather, the developers and people who buy the games that REALLY don’t f*cking need the Minimal rehauling that the devs will clearly be doing.

      HL1 to Black Mesa rehauling? Good!
      DMC last-gen to DMC current-gen? F*ck off.

      This is a poor example of the concept of transitioning great last gen or last-last-gen classics into current-gen. There are many old console or PC games that would be better off getting it…

    • mestrerothdsq

      Actually, PS3 players got the game for free. And since most people won’t buy remasters… What was your point again?
      Oh, yeah, that people would be paying 120 USD for one game when they paid nothing.

  • Damn, now I need a PS4…

  • adam mckee

    I don’t see why everyone is getting so butt hurt over DmC. Its a good game, and much better than some popular titles. And just because Dante looks different, doesn’t mean its a bad game. Was halo 2 bad because master chief got a new helmet? Was gears of war 3 bad because they got new armour? Or because a carmine survived for once?

    • Daedron

      It was bad because it ran at sub-30 FPS, had horrible gameplay mechanics which butchered all depth (Jump cancels are broken, no crazy combos, broken style meter)
      It has unbalanced weapons (Aquilla), broken enemy colour system, useless guns, lack of moves on weapons (all devil weapons), horrible enemy design and AI, the easiest bosses in any DMC ever (including DMC2).

      So yeah, keep thinking it’s because of how Dante looks, cause it’s not. I don’t understand why people keep bringing that up.

  • mestrerothdsq

    This is the only remaster I’m interested too, from all the announced and rumored this far. This was a great game, but, as usual, the engine destroyed the game on PS3.

  • Matt

    I was expecting to rent this on PS Now, but maybe I’ll get this. Wish it was a combo pack with Metal Gear Rising.

    The cover art looks amateurish? Probably not real?

  • ZenTzen

    why are journalists more butthurt than DMC fans, it bombed because it was a subpar game with pretty environments

  • Daggerfall

    this sounds like a fake news.

  • It is considerably overhated for sure.

    I’ll even say I much prefer everything in the new DmC:Devil May Cry over the old DMC games, so I’d love to see even just a PS4 port.

  • Maneoba

    My English is not very good so do not understand everything, but tell me the DMC will be released on ps4 ?

  • Kamen Rider Rayz

    Devil May Cry 5 please. Because its best for business! Please do burn this Dante wannabe guy please. Thank you.

  • I did like DmC but nothing beats DMC1,DMC2,DMC3 and DMC4.

  • Jordan Mitchell

    Both games were great o.o and I’m a huge fan you guys be crazy xD

  • jimbob30

    DmC did fail badly especially for a devil may cry game the only thing it shared with devil may cry was using a couple of names.the gameplay was dull fast but still dull the combo’s were boring the character design good for a stand alone title but not for devil may cry the music was crap and the half deamon and angel idea was not devil may cry at all.and some say it was the best in the series hahaha next joke please devil may cry 4 sold more copies alot more actually than DmC and to hire ninja theory to make it sorry but no im not a fan devil may cry was created as a japanese game thats whay it was soo good and for those that say they played it but didnt like it why did u play if u didnt like it.capcom have canned over seas development so that has to tell u something about what they thought about those games handed to other countries.devil may cry future games need to be aimed at series fans so they can start to make back some of the cash they wasted making DmC which i only played because of playstation plus and after about 10 minits decided to delete it capcom have realised and seem to be taking action and i do have faith that they will make DMC5 and forget DmC

  • Noizz

    honestly DmC wasn’t to bad of a game. could it have been better? definitely but ive personally liked all of the DmC games and wouldnt mind having any of them on the next gen. Will that happen? most likely not but if one is coming then i hope they would do something like a bundle deal where you can get most if not all the previous titles.

  • They best be doing this, DmC was soooo much better than Devil May Cry 4 gameplay wise, yeah they pissed off fan boys with the image etc, but who actually really cares haha, such a good game

  • castiel

    I don’t think we should live in the past dmc 3 and 4 was great for there time. Its 2014 now dmc is good for this era, I think they should keep it going with another.

  • lowe

    Dmc was great. What are you losers talking about. Hurry up and make a game made for the next generation system!

  • Nikki Alexandra

    Awesome. Best news ever!

  • Miles High

    Awesome! I loved this game and since I’m stuck to solely a PS4 now, I’d love to get my hands on it and replay it. Hope this port helps to even out the sales figures and convince Capcom to go forward with a sequel.