Entwined To Make Its Way To The Vita, PS3 ‘In The Very Near Future’

Entwined is a wonderful indie title for the PS4 that we here at Hardcore Gamer are pretty big fans of, going as far as to call it perhaps the best game on the PS4. It isn’t just us that have become enamored with the indie darling, and all the attention the game has been attracting earned the Pixelopus crew a rather large feature over at the PlayStation blog earlier this week. The whole thing is worth a read as it really gives you some additional insight as to just what they were trying to do and why exactly the game works as well as it does. However, buried all the way at the end is the very interesting tidbit that they just finished up work on the PS3 and Vita versions, and that we should be getting our hands on both versions “in the very near future.” Whatever can get this game in the hands of more gamers is a good thing, and we’ll be sure to announce when we get more concrete details on exactly when we can expect these releases.

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