Fruit Ninja Kinect Sequel Possibly Coming to Xbox One

Fruit Ninja Kinect was a surprisingly good imaginary fruit chopping simulator. Providing both an exhausting workout and the ingredients for a healthy, make-believe snack, there was no doubt that Halfbrick wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring the hand-flailing fun to the Xbox One.

According to a listing on the Australian Classification Board, a sequel to Fruit Ninja Kinect is in the works; dare I say, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2? The game is labeled as multi-platform, which makes sense given the nature of the experience. After all, if something worked on the poorly executed original Kinect, it’ll shine like a thousand diamonds on Microsoft’s second iteration.

My take:

Fruit Ninja Kinect is still a fun little game, and so long as you don’t skip leg day, can completely replace your current exercise regimen* while injecting some psychotic dance moves into your daily routine. If the sequel manages to capture the fun of the original without succumbing to the Kinect’s cruel designs, I’m all for it.

*Statements provided are those of an overweight underachiever. Results may vary.