Powers Makes Its Way to PSN This December; Still Free For Plus Subscribers

As we previously reported, PSN will see the exclusive premier of a live-action adaptation of the graphic novel Powers. This was first announced at E3, and additional details have been kind of scarce since then. However, over at the PlayStation blog they just released a nice little chunk of new info, the most important of which being that the series will see a premier this December. They also announced their first director and confirmed that David Slade has signed on for the first two episodes. He has a pretty impressive pedigree, having previously directed episodes of both Hannibal and Breaking Bad. He also has some full length feature films under his belt, including Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, and…uh…The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Perhaps we can all just ignore that last bit and focus on the fact he worked on Breaking Bad?

Everyone will be getting the first episode for free, and PS Plus subscribers will get the entire series as a nice little bonus. The graphic novel covers the story of two detectives working cases involving people with superpowers that are perhaps not behaving in the most superhero-y way. It is a well written, well developed world and if they can even capture a fraction of the graphic novel’s magic in the television show this should really be appointment viewing for anyone on PSN. And “free” is a pretty good price if you are a PS Plus subscriber, so you really have no reason to miss out when the first episodes come out this December.