Legena: Union Tides Gets a Visual Upgrade

Legena: Union Tides is a JRPG inspired adventure by U.K based developer Grandpa Pixel, set for a release sometime in 2015. We recently previewed an early demo of the title, and we were quite pleased with what we saw thus far. It appears that Grandpa Pixel have been working hard behind the scenes, however, as the character sprites showcased in the demo will not be retained in the eventual final build. Instead, they will be using much different looking sprites that sport more detail.

You can check out the sprite sheet below, comparing the sprites used in the demo with the new sprites:


Granpa Pixel look set on getting things done regardless of how their Kickstarter turns out, but it will be good to show some support if the game tickles your fancy. Be sure to check out our preview of the game.