Assassin’s Creed Experience Coming To San Diego Comic-Con

Have you ever dreamed of speeding through a bustling city, jumping over crates, barrels and fruit carts, swiftly climbing your way to safety after stabbing an authoritative figure in the throat? Well, here’s your chance.

In an effort to promote Assassin’s Creed Unity, Ubisoft is bringing a parkour playground to San Diego Comic-Con, allowing fans to rush a meticulously designed course for an exclusive Assassin’s Creed t-shirt. Additionally, a 25-foot Leap of Faith is available for the brave lot, featuring all the fun of falling without the risk of never walking again.

With Comic-Con becoming more game-oriented with each passing event, it’s no wonder Ubisoft is going to such lengths to show off the latest in their stab-happy series. With a (potentially new) hands-off presentations of Unity to boot, fans attending the Con have plenty to look forward to.