Depression-Slaying Platformer ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’ Deserves Your Attention

The number of lackluster Kickstarter campaigns grows exponentially by the day. For every Oculus Rift there is a $50,000 batch of potato salad being made. Ninja Pizza Girl appears to be a shining example of why Kickstarter can be a wonderful thing. Like the unfortunately unsuccessful SumoBoy project, Ninja Pizza Girl attempts to insert real-life issues into an exciting gaming experience. The game, which takes inspiration from Mirror’s Edge and Sonic the Hedgehog, is a speedy platformer based around (you guessed it) a teenage ninja girl who delivers pizzas for a paycheck. While the idea is interesting, the family-based project stands out because of its stance on bullying and the heartfelt campaigning video on the Kickstarter page:

Here’s where the game becomes outrageously intriguing: your character can fall into depression if she hurts herself in front of a group of fellow ninja. That’s right, your character is subject to torment-induced sadness at all times. The story is based upon the real-life high school experiences of the husband-wife development team’s eldest daughters, meaning that a personal touch should be apparent at all times.

Video games are clearly evolving. The days of the buzzcut-rocking, grunting space marine are largely over, forcing developers to evolve creatively. Depression is far more powerful than the even most revoltingly shocking bosses, and it’s about time we see a game that demonstrates this. If you’re curious about Ninja Pizza Girl, which will be available for crowd-funding until August 13th, download the pre-alpha demo here. The game is currently slated for release on PC, Mac, and Wii U.