What Is The Theme For WWE 2K15?

Last night on Monday Night Raw, the WWE announced that Sting would make his debut on the upcoming yearly iteration of the WWE video game franchise, WWE 2K15.  During the announcement, there was the tagline “two generations of Sting,” leaving many to wonder what was in store.  It has now been confirmed now that Sting will be featured in the game through two playable characters, his imitation of “The Crow” persona with black and white face paint who took on “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan’s New World Order during the “Monday Night War” Era, as well as his previous look, the brightly-colored face-painted Ultimate Warrior look-a-like with the blond flat-top hairstyle.

This got me to thinking, in recent years, with WWE 13 and WWE 2K14, we’ve seen the game’s story mode be themed towards a certain era, or major event.  In WWE 13, the good folks at what was then THQ showcased the Attitude Era and went through several various milestones of those days, like Foley winning the championship for the first time, last year we got a “30 years of Wrestlemania” mode which went through some of the greatest matches of all time for that event like Hogan vs Andre at WrestleMania III.

So what does the announcement of Sting mean for the theme of this year’s version of “story mode”?


Here’s what we know:  We’re getting the old 80’s/early 90’s version of him along with the “face of the WCW” baseball bat wielding anti-hero version of him from the late 90’s.  Does this mean we get to see the history WCW as a theme?  Maybe from the time Ted Turner started poaching aging members of the then-WWF roster like Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage, through to the creation of the nWo, all the way up to the point where Shane McMahon “bought” WCW and Invaded the WWE?

This is the first year of the game being released on the next-gen systems, so certainly the potential to have an an enormous roster of current and yesteryear grapplers wouldn’t be out of the question, and many of the wrestlers from back then went through so many persona and costume changes as they came in between the WWF/E and WCW that 2K Games could just do another skin on top of each character model similar to what they’ve done in recent years, for example last year, with 3 versions of Triple H, with hair, without hair, and as the blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

It’s no secret that WWE owns the WCW and ECW brands, so they very well could grant 2K the rights to nearly all the rights to televised wrestling from those time periods, and if WWE 2K15 were able to showcase some of these moments it could lead to very interesting things outside of the story mode, perhaps adding a “Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal” match, or a Lethal Lottery Tag Team Tournament for just a couple examples.


Maybe within the story mode you get to take on the entire nWo and try to re-write history, maybe the Finger Poke of Doom never happens, maybe David Arquette never becomes WCW Champion, maybe WCW never gets “bought” by Shane McMahon and never invades the WWE, joining up with ECW and eventually failing and just being absorbed into the WWE roster.

For several years the annual WWE game was known as Smackdown vs Raw, maybe this year it’s WCW vs WWE.  Maybe you get to finally unfold your dream matches from way back in the day and see what would happen if the Steiner Brothers took on The Hart Foundation or Sting vs The Rock. On that note, however, perhaps none of this will be the theme.  Maybe the theme will just be a big “What If…?” scenario, What If Sting signed with the WWF way back in the day?  We could’ve seen Sting vs Ultimate Warrior, maybe a version of the 4 Horsemen would’ve came to be during Ric Flair’s first stint with the company that involved Sting, Lex Luger, and… Curt Hennig or something.

John Cena is on the cover, so maybe we’ll get old school vs new school, or an entirely “original” storyline to play out, something that hasn’t been done in a WWE game for a few years now.  Maybe we get “17 Years of Starrcade” mode, though admittedly you could skip a few of those. Maybe 2K Games has something far more clever up its sleeves that we haven’t even begun to think of yet. What about you though?  What do you think the theme of the game will be this year?  What crazy nonsense in the world of professional wrestling would you like to relive via video game?