Xbox Live Gold Required For Destiny Beta

Bungie has made it clear that Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will need to be Xbox Live Gold subscribers in order to partake in the Destiny beta.  Those who aren’t subscribers will either have to become a subscriber or miss out on the beta.  While Microsoft has been relaxing its restrictions on what users can access without Xbox Live Gold, but multiplayer gaming still very much requires you to pay.

So what about PS+?  PS3 owners don’t have to worry about this as online gaming has been free on the console since launch.  Surprisingly, its not a requirement on PS4.  Bungie notes that PS+ is required for some activities, but it looks like you can play the beta without being a subscriber.  We have yet to hear what these activities are, though we hope we hear before the beta launches on PlayStation consoles in two days.

The Destiny beta will kick off July 17 on PS4 and PS3 with Xbox One and Xbox 360 following on July 23.  The beta ends on all platforms on July 26.  PlayStation users get the beta earlier and longer due to a timed-exclusivity agreement between publisher Activision and Sony.

Destiny is out September 9 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.