Youkai Watch 2 Sells Over 1.2 Million Units in 4 Days in Japan

Level-5’s 3DS exclusive Youkai Watch 2, recently released in Japan, has sold 1,281,096 copies in its first four days on the market, according to Famitsu. Astoundingly, this number does not include digital downloads, which means the true figure could be much higher. By comparison, the first Youkai Watch game sold around 50,000 units in its first four days; I think it’s safe to say Level-5 has a hit on its hands. It’s not quite Pokemon numbers just yet, but with with strong sales numbers and a successful anime tie-in, it does appears to be a franchise well worth localizing in other regions. And with Level-5 previously expressing interest in bringing Youkai Watch to the West, we could see it soon enough.