Destiny Beta Will Not Run at 1080p on Xbox One

It seems as though “Resolutiongate” is still in full force. During a live stream event on IGN, Bungie’s Community Manager David Dague confirmed that the Xbox One’s version of the Destiny Beta will run at a sub-1080p resolution. Bungie’s goal is to have the Xbox One edition of the game running at 1080p by launch, though it’s fair to speculate that the game will simply be released on September 9th if the resolution goal is not met. The PlayStation 4 version of the Destiny Beta, which launches tomorrow (as opposed to the 23rd for Xbox One owners) has been confirmed to run at 1080p. This news will likely infuriate Xbox gamers even further, as there has been considerable backlash against Bungie for making Destiny a “PlayStation-first” title.