GameCube Controller Adapter to Work with Various Games, According to Best Buy

When it was announced that Nintendo would be releasing a special edition GameCube controller for the upcoming Smash Bros. game, purists (and those of us who grew up with Smash on the Cube) were excited at the prospect of playing a 2014 SSB game with, what we consider to be, the ideal controller for the occasion. Of course, from the reveal of this, many of us were left wondering if the GameCube controller would be exclusive to Smash, or if it would be usable with other titles as well. It would seem, however, that Best Buy has answered the question for us today.

According to a listing on their website, the upcoming GameCube controller adapter for Wii U will in fact work with “a variety of games”. In the same listing, Best Buy noted that the adapter will also support WaveBird controllers. Swoon. What this news means precisely is up in the air, but all signs point to some future games supporting these controllers, which would make sense considering the plethora of control options available for most Wii U titles already.