Get Ready To Fart In Killzone: Shadow Fall

You’re confused, aren’t you? I was.

According to a $1.99 downloadable pack posted on the PlayStation Store, Killzone: Shadow Fall will allow players to fart, plank and perform other “comedy spotlight moves” in-game.

Farting is pretty straightforward. If you’re unhappy with the outcome of a match, or simply want to further humiliate a friend or foe (or yourself), roll out the chili cannon and fire away. Planking, which is the “art” of plopping down like a 2X4 in bizarre locations, grants players the ability to do just that. And we fully expect the comedy spotlight moves, or “special combat finishers,” to leave us in awe.

If you’re a fan of farting, there’s no reason not to nab this DLC. It’s silly fun, and a reminder that online games shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Unless you’re winning, that is.