Minecraft Player Models Shed A Few Pounds

You know what’s always bothered me about Minecraft? The chubby player character model. Those stubby — and surprisingly beefy — little arms make it impossible for me to immerse myself in the world. I’m not some tyrannosaurs-Schwarzenegger monstrosity

Thankfully, Minecraft Lead Developer Jens Bergensten feels the same way. And in a recent Tweet, Bergensten posted some images showcasing potential model options to arrive in an upcoming update: thinner, new and improved models.

Here are some differences I noticed immediately:

  • Characters face no longer looks like someone with a pixelated cold sneezed all over a square; Ray Liotta Cheeks are gone.
  • Arms appear to be about a pixel thinner and sport a couple WWJD bracelets.
  • White collar, white snakeskin belt and proper dress shoes class up his appearance.

In a blocky world, though, it doesn’t really matter if the character model looks like he was nursed with protein milk and subjected to botched skin grafts. What matters is whether the game is fun, and Minecraft is a blast. That said, the new models are totally better and I really hope they become an option.

Check out the images by clicking these words and feel free to chat about the differences in the comments below.

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