Destiny Beta’s Level Cap Revealed

In the Destiny Alpha, players were teased with unattainable high-level weapons and equipment, even though the highest attainable level was 8. Likewise, Beta Guardians are unable to advance past their eighth level until the full game is released on September 9th. Once players hit the level cap, their progress bar at the bottom of their HUD ceases to have a level number on its right side, as seen below:

Destiny Beta_20140718001618

Those who have played an extensive amount of the Alpha might find this news to be somewhat disappointing, being that restarting with a new character seems to be the logical path of action after hitting the cap. What makes this even more interesting is the increased amount of purchasable high-level goodies, as players will find their inventories full of unusable equipment and guns. Thankfully, weapons can be upgraded in the Destiny Beta, meaning that there is certainly a fair amount of grinding to be done.