Nippon Ichi Software Launches New Teaser Site

I’m no marketing expert, but it’s hard to imagine what game Nippon Ichi’s new site is teasing without considering eroge. Then again, it could very well be a placeholder image. A colorful, strangely arousing placeholder image of what appears to be a Geisha.

The only clue indicating that the site has any relation to a game at all is the “new title” in its URL. That, and the fact that it’s posted among other NIS titles on their website. Supporting text (that we could translate) declares that the “official site of mystery” is now open, as well as the message: “7 days until the next lovers’ tryst.”

My take:

While it certainly doesn’t fit with the mature theme of the teaser, I really hope it’s Disgaea for the PlayStation 4. I’m not holding my breath, though, because A) I don’t want to die, and B) with my luck, it’s a sequel to Time and Eternity. And that’s something nobody wants. That said, I’m a huge NIS fan, and I’ll probably end up forking over cash regardless of the franchise, so here’s hoping it’s anything but a sequel to Time and Eternity. Please, PLEASE, don’t be a sequel to Time and Eternity.