Weird Sports Game ‘Push Me Pull You’ Gets First Gameplay Video

The sports genre has seen some very interesting releases lately, such as the long-awaited Sportsfriends. If you’re into these sorts of titles then Push Me Pull You needs to be on your radar.

This is a 2 vs 2 multiplayer game where two to four players fight to get and keep a ball on their side of the court for a set amount of time. However, although there may be four players in all (two on each team) each team is connected at the waist. So basically, each team looks like a single wiggly, creepy worm. It’s a bit like Noby Noby Boy if that game had set objectives.

As such, teammates must work together carefully to be able to wrestle the ball away with their snake-like form. According to developer House House Push Me Pull You is immediately accessible but allows for more strategic play as well. The release is slated for late 2014 on Windows, Mac, and Linux.