EA Phasing More Product Placement Into Achievements

Surprisingly far ahead of its August 26 release date, the full achievement list was revealed for Madden 15 yesterday. Overall, the achievements are fairly standard for a Madden title, rewarding those who surpass certain score thresholds, although mainly promoting players to try out all of the game’s features. One surprising thing it does promote, however, are real life brands. That’s right, Madden NFL 15 contains product placement in two of its achievements.

The achievements in question are “Verizon Offensive MVP” and “Snickers Satisfying Comeback,” both featuring brand logos as the achievement pictures. In previous years, Madden has had an achievement involving “Verizon,” so while that’s nothing new, it was hard to instantly identify it as such due to it being fairly vague and the only brand name amongst the list. Bringing it back plus adding one for Snickers, however, proves the original intention and seems to signal EA slowly phasing product placement into their achievements.

Although it’s only two achievements, bringing Snickers on makes the whole thing blatant. Unlocking a “Snickers Satisfying Comeback” achievement seems pathetic on a surface level and will do little to inspire fans (unless the goal is to inspire them to eat a Snickers bar, that is).

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Madden has introduced more product placement. Last year’s Madden NFL 25 saw in-game ads for GMC placed on stadium billboards even on-field trucks.

While some may argue that product placement in something based on the NFL is natural, it seems unfair to force advertisements on players who purchased the game at a full $59.99.

Now we just have to hope we don’t see these seep into non-sports titles, as a Star Wars Battlefront “Ford Built Tough Survival Streak” might just make us put down our controllers.