The Last of Us Face-Off: PS4 vs. PS3

With The Last of Us’ PS4 debut just over a week away, fans are clamoring to know how the game stacks up against its PS3 counterpart. NeoGAF member brotkasten has released the first screenshots of The Last of Us Remastered today and we’ve captured our own screenshots from the PS3 version to illustrate the differences between the two.

On the left is the PS4 version (The Last of Us Remastered) and on the right is the PS3 version (be advised there are spoilers). Both are presented in the same resolution of 1920×1080. Note that this should be taken as a preliminary comparison.

lastofus-screen2-ps4 lastofus-screen2-ps3

lastofus-screen1-ps4 lastofus-screen1-ps3

lastofus-screen3-ps4 lastofus-screen3-ps3

lastofus-screen4-ps4 lastofus-screen4-ps3

lastofus-screen5-ps4 lastofus-screen5-ps3

lastofus-screen7-ps4 lastofus-screen7-ps3

lastofus-screen8-ps4 lastofus-screen8-ps3

lastofus-screen6-ps4 lastofus-screen6-ps3

Click on the below GIF to see a comparison in motion: