How Big Will Destiny Be?

The Destiny Beta rolled out to PlayStation 4 owners a few days ago, and gamers have been engaged and getting the most out of the game during the short time they’ve had it. Bungie has stated in the past that Destiny will be a huge game with much to accomplish. While roaming around the Tower, gamers who pay attention to detail can’t help but notice armor that goes up to levels as high as 350. There are also guns at the gunsmith well beyond players’ price and level range, teasers of what’s to come.

During the Beta, gamers are also introduced to the Iron Banner Crucible event. During this event, players can retrieve bounties from the Tower specifically for the Iron Banner. If the bounties are successfully executed, Guardians will be awarded with special Iron Banner gear. The Iron Banner Crucible  only lasts an hour or two at a time. It just makes you think of how far they can actually take this. Many different types of tournaments and rewards can be introduced.

destiny tower

Destiny has also seen some graphical improvements since its Alpha. There’s no doubt that the Beta is much smoother and more stable as well. Gamers who have played both the PS4 and PS3 versions of Destiny have reported that the PS3 version looks great, but does not run as smoothly as the PS4 version. While it’s no surprise that the current gen version is better, this is a beta, so there is still a ton of time for the PS3 version to improve. With the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the Beta being released on 23 July, it will be extremely interesting to see how those versions fare.

Players in the Destiny Beta are being teased with the moon as a playable location. You can click on the moon but when you go inside, the location is locked until the official launch of the game. One of the new multi-player maps takes place on Venus. How many planets will there be in Destiny? Destiny is already on pace to be one of the largest shooters ever made, and the possibilities for expansion are nearly limitless.