The Golf Club Will Support Cross Platform Sharing Between PS4, Xbox One, PC

Despite its indie origins, The Golf Club is coming up as a serious contender to EA’s PGA Tour franchise. The game is already on Steam Early Access and getting a rave reception and will soon fully launch on the platform along with PS4 and Xbox One. Developers HB Studios aren’t looking to limit the experience, however, and have announced today that the game will feature cross platform sharing. This means that that courses will be available to everybody regardless of their chosen system. When you create and publish a course it will immediately be available to all members of The Golf Club regardless of the system you’re playing on. There are no special steps either as the person creating the course or downloading courses; they will simply appear in the list in the exact same way as any other course.

It’s great to see more developers spending the time to implement this feature in their games, as previously Disney Infinity was one of the only games to support it. Games like Trials Fusion and LittleBigPlanet would certainly benefit from the functionality.

Read our E3 preview of the game here.