Could Iron Banner Items Be the Destiny Beta’s Tower Gifts?

Those of you who spent enough time playing the Destiny Beta the last few days probably found yourself playing the Iron Banner portion of the crucible. The Iron Banner gameplay would open up for 2 hours at a time at random times during the last few days. Iron Banner is a form of the Destiny crucible where level advantages were turned on. This differed from the normal crucible because in the regular crucible, level advantages were turned off. Meaning, all guns regardless of gun power or level all delivered the same amount of damage with each hit. With level advantages turned on in the Iron Banner, your load out played a major factor on how successful you probably were.

As you may have heard, Bungie has asked players who have taken and will take part in the Beta to make sure they go to the Tower on the last day of the Beta on 26 July. Bungie has promised a “gift” to all those who show up to the Tower on that day. Rumor has it that the gift you will pick up will be an emblem. What could an emblem possibly do for gamers with the Beta ending? I am not sure if some of you noticed, but during the Iron Banner Crucible gameplay, you may have won items such as rare guns, and even new ships.

Iron banner

Speculation has begun to build around the internet. Rumors have started to spread. Some of the speculation being reported is that the emblems gamers will pick up on the 26th at the Tower will be a token to allow you to carry your game progress on to the final version of Destiny releasing on 9 September. Other rumors are stating that the tokens will allow the carry over of all weapons, ships, and other items won during the Iron Banner. Below is a photo of Timur’s Lash, a gun that was won during the Iron Banner. As you can see, it requires level 20 and has an unbelievable attack power of 358. Why would Bungie give out level 20 weapons as prizes for doing well in the Iron Banner if they know players would not be able to use it now? Something tells me, Bungie has some news that will be revealed on 26 July.